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Organic Products

We are addressing to all those who are conscious of feeding with natural food which is in the basic necessities of a healthy life and of who cares about the importance of ecological balance.

The water used in our facility is being purified from the sea and the plant water is also being recovered in the used water treatment plants.

Our solar panels hold a production capacity of 255 watts, 80% of the electricity used in our plant is derived from solar energy.

With our 25 years of experience,  we are nourishing animal and vegetable food products in our own farm.

To be able to present organic products from our own farm,  gives us pride and happiness. Organic products provide a healthier lifestyle for both you and your children. 



We are meeting our meat and milk needs on our premises. Small bovine and cattle meat products are prepared daily in our butchery.                          

We breed our goat's,  sheep’s and cow's milk and process them with traditional methods and produce foods that is related to the Cypriot  cuisine such as original
cypriot helloumi and other varieties of cheeses.

The different varieties of ice cream which we provide is also produced from our goats milk which is made fresh on our premises. The vast majority of the vegetables

and fruits we use in our kitchen are fresh and daily presented in fresh conditions.

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